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Welcome! As the title states, I’m married to the blog. This site is for those, who are addicted to blogs, reading blogs, blogging, writing, blogging biz, and beauty. Yes, beauty. I needed another B word I was passionate about and it’s, Beauty. I will pretty much blog about what I want to blog about, but I think some of those things may actually interest you.

So…once again, because all the blogging sites say we need to be clear about the subject of our blogs; Blogging, bloggers, blogging for fun, blogging for business, and some beauty and fashion stuff along the way. Because it’s pretty.

Enough said. Enjoy the ride with me! And visit my other blogs: with my sister/friend Andie iwondersisterhood.com and my just-for-fun blog with pics of all kinds of stuff, flowersugarhoney.blogspot.com. You can also check out my Etsy shop Saige and the Goddess for spiritual and self-development email courses, like How to Create a Life That Sparkles!










    1. Carey, thank you so much! You made my evening, and I will tell you why…I have another blog, my main blog with my biz partner and best friend Andie, and we are also freelance writers with a lot of work, thank the heavens! But I think to myself, am I nuts! So it all takes quite a commitment as you know. lol. So thank you, and I look forward to visiting your blog! xo Kimm


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