Month: July 2014

Don’t Let Blogging Overwhelm You! Have a Cocktail Instead…


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As much as I am married to the blog, and addicted to reading other blogs; I can still get a bit overwhelmed sometimes when I think of the amount of work and commitment it takes to start and maintain a successful blog. Like most bloggers, I own more than one blog, and I have to set priorities each day; and think about which one requires my attention in the present moment.

I have developed very simple, but effective ways of keeping my blogs interesting and inviting. A lot of my decisions are based on my own uniqueness; doing things in a way that only I can do them. I have learned to release the self-judgement over my writing and my art, and to just find a way to get it all done, with wonder, and energy.

Letting go, is the number one way to keep yourself from being overwhelmed by the blog. And even that, takes a bit of work and commitment.

I offer you a few simple, but magical ways to stay married to the blog; to invoke the goddesses of creativity, and to keep it all fresh and fruity!

1. This is not English class. Throw the rules to the wind.

Your blog is your baby, and you can raise it anyway you like! You can make up words, phrases, and allow yourself to stop worrying about being judged over the proper use of words and sentence structure. I think of blogging as an art form, well, that’s how I think of life. Of course, if your blog is about proper sentence structure and perfect grammar, then by all means, continue on….

2. Use other ways to express yourself besides words.

Yes, I know it’s a blog, and most blogs contain a lot of words. But you can incorporate artwork, photos, videos, soundtracks, etc. into your posts. Think outside the octagon (see what I mean?) when it comes to how you say, what you want to say.

3. Make a ritual of it.

Light a candle, grab a glass of wine, pray to your goddess and write your post, every Sunday, just as the moon becomes visible. Well, that’s what I would do, think of what you would do!

4. Ask a friend for their opinion about some random subject, then steal it and make it your own.

This is not theft. I was raised as an honest, law-abiding citizen. This is simply expanding your scope and range of topic ideas. And if they are a real friend, they won’t mind. 🙂

5. Don’t be silly, take a break.

Ok, if you are really having a DAY! and you simply have nothing inspiring or helpful to say, then just leave it alone. Every day is not the same and every mood changes sooner or later.

For those of you who have very serious blogs with very serious content; you’ll just have to suck it up.

The End


How the Over-Sexualization of Black Women Affected This Blog Design…

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Originally posted on our blog with my soul sister @AJdwnrabbithole Andie. 

The Nutella Sandwich of friends! Andie, Me, and our other Soul Sister, Nancy!

I’m Kimm, half of the iWonder Sisters; and an African-American woman. I had an amazing mother, and an “ok” father. I was raised beautifully; taught the value of reading, art, and creativity. I was raised around many people of various cultures; from African to Russian. I feel very fortunate to have had such an experience, because it shaped me into the woman I am today. And I like her,a lot!

As I am building my new blog,, and looking for wonderful pics and graphics; I came upon a sketch of a lady, looking beautifully nerdy, reading a book. I loved the image, so I placed it on my blog. I’m a proud techy geeky lady, and pretty darn cute too! But I began to question if my sketch should have been a black woman; maybe more representative of who I am.

This is me…I’m the Nutella


As I went back to Google and Bing Images, I searched for a similar sketch or artist’s interpretation of a nerdy, intelligent black woman, with that techy swag; well, I still haven’t been able to find one. As a matter of fact, no matter what “search phrases” I put in, the majority of the depictions of Black women were overly sexual, which has nothing to do with my blog, or really, the essence of Kimm. I like “Sexy”, and I think for 46, I’m pretty sexy; but the essence of my sexiness is based on my authenticity, not my rear end, or any other part of my anatomy. I was disappointed to see that my “kind”, was not represented in popular image.

In my disappointment, I wondered what, or who was the blame, for the narrow-minded images of black women on the Web; is it men, is it other races, or is it the “video chick”, that too many people see, when it comes to Black women? Is it our fault as a collective? And if so, what can we do at this point to create some balance?

Granted, there are many pics of women of all races, that are overtly sexual, and some degrading; but the truth of the matter is, I seriously doubt that when most of the world, thinks of European or Asian women, that the first thing that comes to mind is a overly sexualized being. I’m sure there are many thoughts and words that would be used to describe other women; sexual, being only one.

So in a way, I am pondering, have we, as Black women gone from the mark of “the angry black woman” to the “Butt-naked Black woman”? Distressing. For me, anyway. I would desire that we be seen as all other women are seen; varied, diverse. As a Black woman, I believe I can say with truth, that we are sexy, smart, techy, nerdy, athletes, artists, doctors, lawyers, environmentalists, authors, Pagan, Christian, Buddhist, Atheist, religious, non-religious, assertive, shy, aggressive, timid, hot, cool, talkers, listeners, afro-centric, not afro-centric. We are, like all women, we are many wonderful things.

My search continues for a type of “woman of color” artistic representation of my techy, nerdy, geeky self. If not, I will be happy with the European image that I love so much, which is currently on my blog. This could be a lesson for me in many ways; that our image as Black women appears to be tainted, and that maybe I don’t need to concern myself with the “race” of my graphics on my blog. That maybe, I should look for what I feel, is truly ME.

I am an activist of all women, all races; as my mother was. I came from “activist” stock! So my concern of the over-sexualizing of women, is a very broad concern. This post was about how I, as a Black woman felt during this experienc;, when I have always found every thing I could think of in images, plentiful on the Web. Yet, I have been on a week long search, just to “see” myself, and many other Black for the diverse group of people we really are.

A Short Musing on “The Muse”

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The idea of a creative muse, is often thought to be a faery goddess of sorts; one that inspires you so much with their beauty, you cannot help but create a masterpiece. Surely, this could be your experience with muses. All things are possible. But all too often, we wait for that faery goddess to appear, whether in dreams, or at the coffee shop; before we begin that essay, start that poem, gather the clippings for that collage, or sing that special song. And if our perfect idea of a muse doesn’t show up in the way we think it should, we end up feeling stuck.

I’m here to share with you, this truth. And it can be your truth if you so desire. A muse can be anyone, anything, that stirs something beyond names and labels, in the soul. Ugly, painful experiences can be muses; inspiring you to crack open the darkness to expose its purpose. Things that make you angry, can be muses; they stir up emotion and get the heart racing. And YOU can be your own muse, as you gather the broken pieces of Life and use them to create mosaics!

From experience, I know this much is true; that to write, you must begin by putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard. To sing, you must drop the fear of what your own voice will sound like. To create works of art, you must make friends with color, light, darkness, and blank surfaces waiting to be filled, with something purely awesome, or mediocre. To experience the fullness of creativity, sometimes, you have to draw the muse, paint the muse, piece her together from old magazine clippings, and sometimes, you just have to BE her.

Write On!

Welcome! And Other Crazy Rantings…

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I’m a blogging, bloggers, blog biz, blog creating, blog reading, addict. And there is plenty out there to feed my addiction. This makes me extremely happy. Because blogs hold within them, the passions and angst of their creators.

Blogging can serve many purposes; sometimes it’s all about sharing, and sometimes it’s all about venting, and the best times, are when the two merge.

As a professional freelancer/ghost blogger/artist, I appreciate the Internet and the space it has opened up for Creatives. The game is a bit different today than it was when I was a kid. When I was a kid, you had to wait for someone “more important” to care about what you had to say. We no longer need to aspire to catch the attention of some media guru. Of course, they usually have the money and extremely effective marketing plans; but I would rather have my freedom to create, when, where, and how, I choose to do so. And if the money happens to trail somewhere down the line behind all this passion and creativity, I’ll take it!

Because with money, comes the oohs and ahhhs of more handbags, blinged out flip-flops, crystals for my altar, oh and a brand new shiny Buddha statue altar, with the best incense ever! And I would never run out of candles, and I could purchase more lip gloss to wear while I’m chanting and doing my rituals,… and books, oh the books I could buy with all that money! I would need a new bookshelf…inside a bigger house, to hold all those books and the other stuff…

But,… the money is not really important; for me, blogging, the blog biz, is about the infinite ways I can express myself through word, symbols, and art.

So, welcome to the rantings of an ADHD creative, who lives and writes for the sake of the art.

And please check out my blogging and coaching biz with my Soul Sister Andie at, where we sell things too. And please buy something, because we are good people, who don’t care about any money.

Cheers Everyone!