A Short Musing on “The Muse”

photo credit: JulieFaith via photopin cc

The idea of a creative muse, is often thought to be a faery goddess of sorts; one that inspires you so much with their beauty, you cannot help but create a masterpiece. Surely, this could be your experience with muses. All things are possible. But all too often, we wait for that faery goddess to appear, whether in dreams, or at the coffee shop; before we begin that essay, start that poem, gather the clippings for that collage, or sing that special song. And if our perfect idea of a muse doesn’t show up in the way we think it should, we end up feeling stuck.

I’m here to share with you, this truth. And it can be your truth if you so desire. A muse can be anyone, anything, that stirs something beyond names and labels, in the soul. Ugly, painful experiences can be muses; inspiring you to crack open the darkness to expose its purpose. Things that make you angry, can be muses; they stir up emotion and get the heart racing. And YOU can be your own muse, as you gather the broken pieces of Life and use them to create mosaics!

From experience, I know this much is true; that to write, you must begin by putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard. To sing, you must drop the fear of what your own voice will sound like. To create works of art, you must make friends with color, light, darkness, and blank surfaces waiting to be filled, with something purely awesome, or mediocre. To experience the fullness of creativity, sometimes, you have to draw the muse, paint the muse, piece her together from old magazine clippings, and sometimes, you just have to BE her.

Write On!


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