Welcome! And Other Crazy Rantings…

photo credit: florbelas fotographix via photopin cc

I’m a blogging, bloggers, blog biz, blog creating, blog reading, addict. And there is plenty out there to feed my addiction. This makes me extremely happy. Because blogs hold within them, the passions and angst of their creators.

Blogging can serve many purposes; sometimes it’s all about sharing, and sometimes it’s all about venting, and the best times, are when the two merge.

As a professional freelancer/ghost blogger/artist, I appreciate the Internet and the space it has opened up for Creatives. The game is a bit different today than it was when I was a kid. When I was a kid, you had to wait for someone “more important” to care about what you had to say. We no longer need to aspire to catch the attention of some media guru. Of course, they usually have the money and extremely effective marketing plans; but I would rather have my freedom to create, when, where, and how, I choose to do so. And if the money happens to trail somewhere down the line behind all this passion and creativity, I’ll take it!

Because with money, comes the oohs and ahhhs of more handbags, blinged out flip-flops, crystals for my altar, oh and a brand new shiny Buddha statue altar, with the best incense ever! And I would never run out of candles, and I could purchase more lip gloss to wear while I’m chanting and doing my rituals,… and books, oh the books I could buy with all that money! I would need a new bookshelf…inside a bigger house, to hold all those books and the other stuff…

But,… the money is not really important; for me, blogging, the blog biz, is about the infinite ways I can express myself through word, symbols, and art.

So, welcome to the rantings of an ADHD creative, who lives and writes for the sake of the art.

And please check out my blogging and coaching biz with my Soul Sister Andie at iwondersisterhood.com, where we sell things too. And please buy something, because we are good people, who don’t care about any money.

Cheers Everyone!





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