Month: August 2014

Blogging: An Eclectic Practice

Whether you are journaling, writing ideas down on old-fashioned lined paper, or typing into a blog format; moving thoughts from the grey matter to the tangible form, is quite sacred. Once you extract an idea, inspiration, or set of words, from your mind, and share them with the cosmos, you give them an aliveness they didn’t have before.

Blogging is like this; in a way, it is an eclectic type of spiritual practice. It requires some commitment, a dash of dedication, and a feeling within the blogger of purposefulness. Blogging can be an art form, if you open up the channels of your mind and toss out all the made-up rules. There is no need for rules in an art form; you are free to make it what you want it to be. Writing, journaling, blogging; is no different.

I love to blog because it expands my horizons; as a matter of fact it washes all horizons away and allows me to turn mere typed words into mantras. You can choose to be a bit detached from your work, depending on what it is, or you can choose to wipe the sweat of your brow on the computer screen. It’s really up to you, and you only. You can make your blog posts into prayers of wisdom and desire, or instructional technical matter, that speaks a plain truth…1 + 1 = 2.

Or you can utilize your blog space to inspire yourself and others to allow art to overtake you, and them…


Speaking for those who are pretty much left/right brain balanced; the blogging format allows us to be creative in both worlds, providing technical information on how to maneuver the Internet, combined with personal posts about how we do what we do, whatever that may be.

Starting a blog is much like a spiritual practice, in that it allows you to face success and disappointments, the Light and the shadow aspects of ourselves. The art of blogging will show us where our strengths and weaknesses lie; and what things truly inspire us to open up the page once again.

Sometimes blogging can drive us into a state of whackiness because we have promised our readers a certain amount or kind of info on a regular basis, and we woke up today, and just don’t feel like our heads are screwed on correctly…


But whatever the reason for your blogging, be easy on yourself. This too is a part of my spiritual promises to myself. Don’t judge yourself, instead, learn what your natural flow of creation is, and schedule your blogging around it. If you are creating something you love, in a way that you love to create, it will all come together like a great big pretty puzzle!


Becoming a Professional Blogger: My Tips for Working in Your PJ’s

WE LIVE IN A CRAZY TIME; WE LIVE IN A MAGICAL TIME! Since the news outlets tend to focus on the crazy, I like to focus on the magic. And one of the magical things about the time we live in, is that there are so many new career opportunities for Creatives. If you are willing to take chances, learn some new skills, and embrace a bit of uncertainty, there is plenty to do and create. I’ve always dreamed of working in my PJ’s, enjoying a cup of Joe, and risking becoming, what Oprah calls, a “schlumpadinka” who showers at 5pm. My dream has come true; but not without work, stretching my mind’s imagination, and an openness to having lucrative times, and “not so” lucrative times. I’m friends with Uncertainty, and sisters with Change; and I feel this is necessary if you want to become a professional blogger.

This is my second blog. I began this blog from a moment of spontaneous inspiration during a podcast, my soul sister and biz partner, Andie and I recorded on Blogging for Self-Development and Healing. What I call, my main blog, is the blog I write and share with Andie, The iWonder Sisterhood blog is approximately 8 months old, and I feel that we have made tremendous strides in a short period of time. Most importantly, we are proud of the content, ideas, and blood, sweat and tears, of our lives, that have gone into this blog. iWonder is who we are. There is no other way to do this blogging thing, than to take “you”, and put it into your content. The blogging world is one place where authenticity reigns supreme. So no matter how popular you may think, “this blog”, or “that blog” is; your blog needs to be YOUR blog. This is the only way to success.

I offer you some of my best tips for those who desire to enter the world of professional blogging, which is really, “professional sharing”:

1. Authenticity is your key to the Golden Kingdom. I cannot repeat enough times, how vital it is to be yourself when creating, designing, and providing content for a blog. What people really want, is a piece of who you are; hoping to connect with that same part of themselves.

2. Be Real, and don’t overwhelm yourself. Don’t create a blog that you know you will not be able to maintain. Start off with one or two pages at the most; maybe one with written content, another with photos, or brief daily or weekly tips, quotes, video sharing, music, etc.

3. Set your intention for this blog. If you know that eventually you will use ads and links for income, or sell products of your own; create your blog and its design with this intention. This works in a two-fold manner; one, you have a workable design that can easily be expanded upon, and two, you create a mental and spiritual intention for your blog, so that it develops and unfolds in the way you desire.

4. Write about what you know. Because when you write about what you know; it’s easy to continue. Sharing does not become a drudgery, instead, it becomes your way of connecting with your audience; a social meditation in many ways.

5. Read, study, learn. Always look for ways to be a better blogger, a better sharer. Listen to videos on blogging by those who are as successful as you want to be. Read other blogger’s posts. Subscribe to blogs you like. This will keep you inspired and motivated to give your best to your readers.

6. Don’t be afraid to tweak your blog. In the first six months of blogging, you will find yourself noticing things you would not have noticed in the beginning; like design issues, the need to add or delete pages, the need for changes in your theme or logo design. Have fun creating your blog, and don’t worry about how good you are, or, are not, at “branding”. If the desire is there to become a successful brand; the information is also out there to assist you in doing so.

7. Become a blog addict, putting your all into the blog!! Sounds tiring? Well, it’s not! Because if you remember tip and rule #1, you can never truly tire of being YOU!

Thank you! And Good Blogging!

Kimm, aka Spiritual Bling, Your Conscious Techno Geek xo